Be Safe, Secured and Survive  

Live alone, work at night, travel a lot, worry about your neighborhood? 
Our Pepper Sprays are Police Strength and you can be confident when you have one
Our Personal Alarms can get anyone's attention if you need some help

Have an Emergency Kit or just an Emergency Plan?
Get a Survival Kit and stash it away for that Emergency in Life, Many of our kits are complete; but you may choose to add to yours or even build your own. Everyone needs a kit and a plan

Backpacker? Camper? Just like to be in the great outdoors?
Plan for those animals, Bears, Dogs. Some can't be predicted and if you're going into bear country, plan ahead
with a can of Bear Spray for that "Just in Case" moment

         Do you want just want to be ready?

Non-Lethal Self Defense and Survival Gear to Help you go forward in the

New and Modern World

Be Prepared, Have a Plan and be ready!


1 Gallon Bucket of Wise Fire
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Mace® Pepper Gun OC Pepper Refill Dual Pack
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Wise Food Emergency Food Supply for 1 Month
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Wise Favorites 72 Hour Kit
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Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Weapon-
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Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Weapon-Pink
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WildFire 9 oz Pepper Gel Sticky Pepper Spray
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