About Us

We visit many unsafe areas for our jobs, travel, or just life . Do you feel safe? Many places do not allow you to carry a firearm legally. Keep safe, Protect Life. Don't put yourself in harms way. Have a plan, an Emergency Plan! Be Ready!

We offer non-lethal Self Defense and Personal Security products to help keep you and your family survive everyday struggles that may arise. Survival and Emergency Kits can Help you plan for a life changing disaster. Pepper Sprays can help you stop an attack and get away. Security Cameras can keep an eye on what you cannot and the fake cameras can make the thieves worry that someone is watching.

When you place an order at Personal Security Plus.com you can be assured that our site is 100% secure, PCI Compliant, and Malware free.

Most of our orders are shipped within 24 hours or the next business day; with the exceptions being the DVR Cameras, as they are checked for quality control and our Emergency Kits, as they are built when ordered. All orders are tracked for delivery and a tracking number will be provided if the order is shipped via UPS or FEDEX. The Postal Service provides a delivery confirmation. Insurance is included on all shipments at no charge.

Personal Security Plus is located in western North Carolina in a small town near the Smoky Mountains. Franklin, NC, USA.  It is an e-commerce business licensed with the state of NC under the LCT Group, LLC.

My name is David Coulter; owner and president. I started Personal Security Plus because I saw a need for non-lethal self defense items. Many of my friends are traveler's and actually I travel a lot myself; so carrying a firearm for self defense is not an option. Either because of where you travel or maybe you just don't like guns. In my area there's many hikers and campers (near the Smoky Mountains) ; Bear Spray is a must have. There's many vacation homes and people wanted some type of peace of mind while they were away.

We try to have the best in Self Defense and Personal Security products at lower costs. We work with several wholesalers and manufacturers across the USA to get the best prices and pass the savings along to you.

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