SABRE 3/4 oz. Protector Dog Spray w/ Key Ring

SABRE 3/4 oz. Protector Dog Spray w/ Key Ring

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SABRE provides the best in class personal defense, safety and law enforcement products to keep you and your family safe. SABRE is a proven leader in research and top quality products.

Be safe when you're out and about, come across a dog that wants to attack? SABRE Protector Dog Spray provides safe and a humane way for you to protect yourself.


  • Maximum strength allowed by the EPA/Health Canada. Trusted by Police Worldwide.
  • Protection against multiple threats at a distance. Contains 14 one second bursts at a 12 range.
  • On-the-go container. Key Ring attachment
  • Police strength
  • Humane-Deters most dogs without long term pain or injury
  • Compact size .75 oz
  • Reduced blow back due to stream delivery

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