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Are Tasers® Legal in your state?

taser X26P

Are TASERS legal in your state? Yes, the TASER is legal in most states and some states may require a background check before activating the device. They are an excellent way to defend yourself. The Bolt, (formally the C2) also has a built in stun gun that you could use once you fire the Bolt to use as […]

Pepper Spray or Stun Gun?

Pepper Spray vs Stun Gun

Pepper Spray or Stun Gun? Which would you choose for Self Defense? Pepper Spray, Stun Gun?  Well, I always say the Pepper Spray is the best choice for self defense and it’s non-lethal. After you watch the video, I think you’ll understand why I choose Pepper Sprays over Stun Guns. If we were using a […]