Are Tasers® Legal in your state?

Are TASERS legal in your state? Yes, the TASER is legal in most states and some states may require a background check before activating the device. They are an excellent way to defend yourself. The Bolt, (formally the C2) also has a built in stun gun that you could use once you fire the Bolt to use as a backup. Most of the TASERS® include an aiming LED to help ensure you hit your target. The TASER has been proven to be a very reliable self defense option and it’s take down power has been proven several times over and over. No wonder so many Law Enforcement Agencies choose TASER as a reliable, non-lethal option instead of a firearm. The consumer TASER; the Bolt and the Pulse would be the perfect choice for anyone to keep in their Self Defense Kit. As you can see by the map, there are three states that require a Carry Permit for the TASER® and there are a hand full that have various other restrictions. And of course the states in the northeast are the ones who usually ban them all together.

If you have any concerns regarding legality of these devices in your local area, contact your local Law Enforcement, I’m sure they’d be glad to help.

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